Monday, March 31, 2008

Constant Desire

These are more random thoughts that I have about my walk and service to God.

Everyday that I wake up in the morning I think of evangelism and bringing the word of God to the lost. I do not talk about it as much as I used to because most who know know that to be the case. It's a constant burden and desire for me to do this. Knowing myself though, I am an introvert and not an extremely relational person. However, I have the desire to tell everyone about what Jesus Christ has done for all of us on the cross. I always want to do this, and even when I don't want to do this it is still on my mind. I wonder if this is from God? :) I know that it is, but I do not act on it as I should! In a sense, I live in a lot of disobedience to God, yet He is gracious to me and encourages me to press forward. There are people in my classes that I wish to speak to, people in Turlington Plaza, the Reitz Union, Einstein's and everywhere, but alas, they will think that I am mad if I speak to them about their souls on such a random occasion... ahh!! "Who cares?" says the Spirit! "I do!" says the flesh! They will reject me or think that I am weird and I will have to live with awkwardness for the rest of the semester! Ugh I must die to self because such an attitude is a hindrance to what God wants to do in the world! It is selfish, self-seeking, self preserving and self loving! It must go because I am not my own.... I have been bought with a price, I must continue to preach and hand out tracts and witness to unsuspecting, idle people because of God's love for them. This is the desire that is on my heart, and I must follow it because it is a gift from God, and it is how He has wired me as a believer!

This is My Desire which is really God's Desire!

The Young Minister's Pit

I haven't written in two months, though I have had the desire to type my thoughts. So now I have taken the opportunity to write something that I have been thinking about from time to time, and what I believe I heard from a Paul Washer teaching last year. It's called the Young Minister's Pit. It's the term that I have just coined, but its quite common for young preachers and ministers I believe and I have even seen it in my own life to a certain extent.

Some of us young men can get excited in our preaching or ministering and look critically at how we have spoken or delivered our message. Here are some of the following thoughts, "Did the crowd like it? , Were people moved?, How did I feel about it?, How many people were saved?" etc. These are interesting thoughts I must admit and can be encouraging or discouraging.... but be careful young minister.... that this does not become your motivation for service or your effectiveness or worth. Do not base your spiritual walk or your worth on the results of your ministry or you will have one huge roller coaster ride as you walk with the Lord. One week you'll be clicking your heels, and the next week you'll be dragging them.
Be careful young minister that you do not rest in your accomplishments nor boast in them! Do not stop to build an altar to your success in ministry, but rest in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ! It's all about Him and it is His power and leading that makes a young minister effective. Don't boast in your self, but boast in the Lord. Your walk, ministry, and success is the Lord's and even if you seem to have failed, you are still to keep your trust in the Lord. Failure can be used by God to put into desperation for Him so that we can really rely on Him.

Careful young minister that you do not boast in your success or focus on your failures by living introspectively, but rest in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ!