Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Giving into the War

It is 7:55pm and I'm taking a break from working on a hg teaching for tomorrow evening. I was just doing some reflecting about my life and passion for God. I look around and I see people who are in need of the Lord! I see a great harvest that God wants us to thresh as believers. I look around and I realize that there is great work to be done here at the University of Florida, and the Lord is constantly giving me a desire to tell everyone about Him! God wants sold out men and women to use to reach this campus with the gospel, and it's in all out war. I'm writing this blog because in my mind and my heart... I want to commit to this war that is waging between the forces of spiritual light and darkness!
There are souls in the balance, there are dead men and women who are in desperate need of the Lord Jesus Christ. This morning I rededicated myself to fighting against the dark spiritual forces that rage in this world for the glory of Jesus! It is a scary thing, but fear is the enemy's greatest weapon in incapacitating the Body of Christ and it's tough to admit, but this tactic has been very effective! But I'm throwing myself into the arms of Christ! The hands of Jesus! I'm surrendering myself totally to the will of the Lord because there is a great work that needs to be done!!!!!!!!! Reader, will you do the same? Will you hop into the arms of Christ so that he can use in this War of reconcilation?
I want to tell every person that I come across about the saving power of Jesus Christ! The people in my dorm, on the bus, in turlington plaza everywhere! I want to preach my heart out for God, ahahah. I thought of this verse "I must preach the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent." Luke 4:43. This is the mission given by God for us to do and this is the cause that I will give my life to.
Until next time.....