Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Satan's workin' overtime!

A few days ago, the Lord was tugging on my heart to share the good news of Jesus Christ, but I kept stalling and distracting myself with everyday things. That night (1/23/07) after I had dinner with my lifegroup, I told myself "Ahh whatever!! I'm going to share the gospel with the first person that I see on my way back to my dorm! So as I was walking back to my dorm from Broward dining, I saw six girls standing on the sidewalk chatting. I then walked up to them and said "Hi, are you all busy?" they replied "No we are just waiting for the snap van." Then I said "Can I ask you all a question?". They then replied "sure", so I asked "If you all died tonight, are you 100% assured that you would go to heaven?" One by one the girls said "no" "no" "no".... then I inquired why, and a few of them answered that they were going to purgatory. I then inquired further, "why is that?", and they responded, "Because we are not perfect." After the girls said this the snap van came, I handed one of them a gospel tract and they all left! That was it! I then asked the Lord to reach their hearts with the gospel ! It was an unfortunate answer I received from them because the Bible doesn't even hint at a purgatory! It doesn't exist! The blood of Christ has either fully cleansed us or it hasn't!

I thought that was an interesting account to note however, the night doesn't stop there! I then made my way back to my dorm, and I decided to go to the kitchen. I saw a guy from my floor watching T.V. so I struck up a conversation with him, then after about five minutes I said "I've been wanting to ask you an interesting question." He replied "ok", and I said "What do you think happens after someone dies?". He replied he had no idea. So I took sometime to talk about God, and creation, and the proof of the Bible. Then I began to walk him through the Ten Commandments, and he admitted that he would be guilty. Then someone else walked into the kitchen on the conversation and started talking about Jesus the Son of God! Then the guy I was talking with walked over to the stove to attend to his food. I asked the new person if she was born again, and we talked for a bit. I then finished the conversation with the guy from my floor and told him about the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross for our sins.

Afterwards, I began to walk upstairs with another guy who lived on my floor and in the hallway I asked him what he thinks happens after death. He told me that he thought heaven and we talked about how to get there, and I shared my testimony with him. He then told my that he was a Christian who was not in fellowship and that he had been kind of discouraged from going and talking about Jesus Christ because of his friends. So I tried to encourage him a bit.

There is one big thing that I noticed from witnessing that evening, mainly from the two latter conversations. I noticed that Satan is always working, he never stops. He is working to keep Christians silent and timid in witness, and he is working to keep unbelievers in the dark away from the truth. He will do what is in his power to stop us from spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, with fear, lies, temptation and etc. He doesn't want believers to be bold in the gospel, but to remain bottled up! I must confess, that these past few days I've been feeling "bottled up" myself and reluctant to share the truth with others. But my exhortation is this: Don't let Satan out work you as a a believer, he is constantly working and this is what we should be doing as well. There are many people on our college campuses who are blind from the truth of the gospel and have no clue that there is judgment coming (Hebrews 9:27) for sin and that they can pass through it by Jesus Christ. As believers, lets commit to working for the glory of God for the souls of men, by telling them the truth!